Supervised Visitation Monitoring

Monarch Visitation Services

Orientation Interview

We conduct a comprehensive orientation with each parent  separately prior to commencing Supervised Visitation Monitoring. This is to gather information about the family’s visitation schedule, review court order, complete Supervised Visitation Service Agreement, review program conditions,  study guidelines , examine fees and method of payment.

Off Site Supervised Visitation

Our visitation monitors observe the meeting between the parent and child in an impartial manner. That means the monitor should not intervene but instead should watch the parties interact. We stay within hearing and sight range of them at all times. If we notice something that might put the child in danger, we intervene; otherwise, the monitor keeps interruptions to a minimum. Our detail-oriented and conscientious monitors write down the activities in as objective manner as possible.  As a Supervised Visitation Monitoritor, it is our job to ensure the child feels safe and comfortable while serve as an impartial observer, unless there is a clear and present danger in the parent-child interaction. We strive to offer a service that meets your need.

Supervised exchanges

Monarch Visitation Services offers a safe, neutral environment for children whose parents do not live together to be exchanged between parents. This program is available to families who have a court order for supervised exchange of the child for the non-custodial parent. The intent of a supervised custody exchange is to prevent conflict between parents during custody exchanges.

Phone & Video Conference Visitation

Monarch Visitation Services, provide phone, or video conferencing.

Report preparation

During the visit or exchange, our monitors observe properly and record pertinent information and documenting each visit in an objective manner.  Documentation is an essential part of our service, we make sure our reports are clean, concise, complete, coherent and chronological.

Court Appearance

At Monarch Visitaion Services, we document every contact in an Activity Report in an objective manner We can produce reports based on these document for parents, per request and for a fee.

Aslo our Supervised Visitation Monitoring personel will help parents with court apperance for a fee.


Our dedicated child visitation monitors serve San Diego County, this is a very important responsibility and we take it seriously. Strengthening families by promoting the safety, stability, and well-being of children. Our vision is for individuals and families living in balance in our community.

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