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Monarch Visitation Services

Monarch Visitation Services, provides professional visit supervision for families who are involved with Child Protective Services or custody proceedings. The courts often require scheduled monitored visits between a child and a non-custodial parent.  As a Child Visitation Monitor service , we will monitor the visit to provide a measure of safety to the child. We keep a defined and neutral role as a monitor, with proper and effective orientation at intake to prepare the parent and the child for the visit, focusing on the child’s best interest and safety. We observe objectively and document the child and adult contact comprehensively with proper intervention to prevent physical and emotional harm. Our providers of monitoring service know how to handle separation and terminate the visit if necessary.  Our area of coverage is San Diego county.  Our child visitation monitors meet the training requirements as stated in “Standard 5.20 uniform standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation”

Our Providers have the ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds , and are cultural sensitive, we are aware that cultural difference and similarities exists and have an effect on values, learning and behavior. We are willing to learn about the traditions and characteristics of other cultures. It contributes to mutual cooperation and collaboration which are necessary for sound educational planning. We value and respect diversity and while being thoughtful to the way cultural differences make us all unique in our own way.


Adhere to the program’s policies and procedures in the monitoring of all families diligently. Ensure that contact between parties proceeds pursuant to the visitation agreement and court order.


Our monitors protect the confidentiality of the children and parents to the extent required by law. This entails maintaining records according to the Minimum Standards and protecting location information.


Our experienced team remains impartial and neutral with lack of bias during supervised visitation program. Our team avoid  class bias, race bias, and occupational bias and they remain neutral.


Our monitors make effort to assure the safety and welfare of the child and adults during the visitation. Our monitors will suspend or terminate any visit in which the safety of participants cannot be maintained.


Our visitation monitors keep clear written records of any facts observed at visits in formal forms per Court and program Agreement.  We keep record of all phone calls and other interactions between clients.


During the supervised visitation the contact between the parent and child is structured so our team member may encourage parent-child relationships by providing age-appropriate activities

Monarch Visitation Services Values

Safety and well-being, the ability to change and succeed, accountability, integrity, partnering, honoring diversity. Monarch Visitation Services is an affirmative action, equal opportunity, open and affirming employer without regard to: gender, race/color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, physical ability, status with public assistance, political affiliation, age, marital status, creed, and local human rights commission activity.

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Off Site Supervised Visitation

Our professional monitors supervise court order visits between children and parents or guardian. Ensures parents abide by guidelines and intervene during visitation session when necessary to ensure safety of the child.

Supervised Child Exchange

Monarch Visitation Services offers a safe, neutral environment for children whose parents do not live together to be exchanged between parents.  The intent of a supervised custody exchange is to prevent conflict between parents during custody exchanges.

Record Keeping

While we observe the interaction during the visit, a written record of each visit including date, time, duration, activity performed, mood of participants, all parent-child contacts, drop off pickup details. We document all the important interactions in an objective manner to adequately descriibe the meeting.

Our Clients

A team of amazing visitation monitors, who helped our family tremendously. Great job!

Jack Sharp

A team of amazing visitation monitors, who helped our family tremendously. Great job!

Jack Sharp

Our family benefited from this program it was very helpful!

Tina Ramsey

Moarch help our family at times of need and we are greatful!

Anna Wilson

Our family is using their services for monitor exchanges and all is perfect. We will keep using their services.

Rose Navaro

Very caring and professional monitors ty helpaed and our visitations were on schedule,  perfect service!

Alex Warner



Our dedicated child visitation monitors serve San Diego County, this is a very important responsibility and we take it seriously. Strengthening families by promoting the safety, stability, and well-being of children. Our vision is for individuals and families living in balance in our community.

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