A number of circumstances might trigger supervised child visitation and exchange monitoring, which tends to be court-ordered. These circumstances include parental conflict, substance abuse, mental health issues, allegations of abuse and extended time away from a child. Our trained, experienced supervised visitation providers, ensure the safety of the child and are aware of each family’s safety need. During supervised visitation or exchange we respect and listen to each family member while engaging families in activates and communications. Our visitation monitors observe the meeting between the parent and child in an impartial manner. That means the monitor should not intervene but instead should watch the parties interact. We stay within hearing and sight range of them at all times. If we notice something that might put the child in danger, we intervene; otherwise, the monitor keeps interruptions to a minimum. Our detail-oriented and conscientious monitors write down the activities in as objective manner as possible during each supervised visitation or exchange. It is our job to ensure the child feels safe and comfortable we serve as an impartial observer, unless there is a clear and present danger in the parent-child interaction.

Supervised Visitation Monitor

During each supervised visitation or supervised exchange;  we adhere to court order, make effort to assure the safety and welfare of the children during Supervised Visitation and Exchanges. We conduct comprehensive intake and screening interviews before visits and keep complete records.

Supervised Visits

As provider of supervised visits, we are vigilant in supervising all situations, behaviors and interactions of all family members. We keep clear records of any concern about safety according with policies. We maintain appropriate and ongoing communication with attorneys, parents,  courts and other concerned parties to oversee effective and efficient service delivery through collaboration.

Intake Interview

We collect key information during the intake process to increase safety, reduce liability and eliminate confusion. It allows providers of supervised visitations to be better prepared and more aware of risks that may be of particular concern. The goal of intake interview is to have free and open communication. In this meeting we provide transparency of process meaning there should be no secrets or surprises.


Our team of trained, experienced supervised visitation Providers offer safe and protected environment to control external influences of stress on the child. We adhere to the program’s policies and procedures in the monitoring of all families diligently. We resist influences that interfere with impartial monitoring. Report honestly and impartially regarding what occurs during the course of service. We respect the privacy of the child and the family and hold confidential all information obtained in the course of service as a staff member or volunteer with the visitation/ monitored exchange program, as required by law and program standards.
  • Parent Satisifaction 98%
  • Court Appearance 100%
  • Responsiveness 100%

Our Child Visitation Monitors

At Monarch Visitation Services, all providers of child monitoring have been trained in many areas including:

  • Role of a Child Visitation Provider and the terms and conditions of Supervised Visitation and legal responsibilities and obligation of a provider under California Rules of Court 5.20¬†Monitoring Standards of Practice, Family Code 3200 and 3200.5
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Developmental needs of Children
  • Crucial Safety Components
  • Screening, Monitoring, Terminating and Suspending Visitations
  • Substance Abuse
  • Child abuse Reporting Law
  • Legal Responsibilities and Obligations of a Child Monitor
  • Issues relating to Substance Abuse, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Record-Keeping Procedures


All program personnel abide by a Code of Conduct set forth by Standard 5.20. Uniform standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation. This standard of practice, include duties and obligations, for providers of supervised visitation under Family Code sections 3200 and 3200.5 .
All monitors at Monarch Visitation Services maintain high standards of conduct in carrying out duties and obligations. To learn about more about our process go to our post.
All program psersonnel abide by a Code of Conduct set forth by the Recommendations of the Supervised Visitation Standards Committee . All monitors maintain high standards of conduct in carrying out duties and obligations.



Our dedicated child visitation monitors serve San Diego County, this is a very important responsibility and we take it seriously. Strengthening families by promoting the safety, stability, and well-being of children. Our vision is for individuals and families living in balance in our community.

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